"What is going on?!": Earthquake 'rattles homes' and wakes families in Teesside

A mini-earthquake has rattled homes in Teeside today.

A seismic station at Glaisdale near Whitby picked up a tremor which measured 2.8 on the richter scale this morning.

The quake was measured near Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside.

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Residents in Middlesbrough also felt the quake.

Seismic monitoring system

Locals have been woken by the tremor.

Some took to social media questioning the cause of the tremor.

One said: "It woke me up, I had no idea, what is going on?!"

Another added: "It felt like the car rolled into the garage door."

One woman said: "I thought I was hallucinating because I've got flu."