Yorkshire weather forecast: What to expect from the coming week

It’s going to be a mixed bag in Yorkshire and the Humber in the coming week, as autumn continues to cool down.

It's going to be a blustery week. (Pic credit: James Hardisty)

Sunday (November 7) is looking blustery, according to The Met Office, particularly across upland areas - and there’s even a risk of gales.

The good news is that, despite potentially strong winds, the day should be mainly dry, with prolonged periods of sunshine and a maximum temperature of 11C.

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If you’re around the Pennines, you may notice a few clouds overhead on Sunday morning - and there may even be some showers - but these areas should brighten up by the afternoon.

Overnight the strong winds are predicted to ease, giving way to a chilly morning with the chance of frost in some rural areas.

Next week:

The week will begin with a bright and chilly Monday morning, turning into a cloudy, breezy afternoon.

According to The Met Office, Monday should mostly remain dry although there is a chance of rain in the west from late afternoon or early evening.

Monday’s maximum temperature will be 13C.

Conditions will remain cloudy and breezy on Tuesday morning, with some rain forecast too, before the weather turns drier and brighter.

On Wednesday, Yorkshire can expect some sunny spells and isolated showers.

Thursday is looking a little miserable, meanwhile, with a cloudy rainy day predicted - although conditions should remain fairly mild.