Yorkshire weather: Heat-health alert issued for Yorkshire as temperatures set to hot up

Thunderstorms are forecast to hit the first weekend of this year's Wimbledon after a yellow heat-health warning was issued for today and tomorrow (Jul 7 and 8).

The Met Office has announced that thunderstorms could hit Wimbledon as soon as Saturday afternoon after it was forecast for temperatures to peak at around 30C on Saturday, with the weather expected to be humid and muggy before fresher conditions come in next week.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and the Met Office issued a yellow heat-health alert yesterday for six regions in England: London, the South East, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, and Yorkshire and the Humber.

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The alert will be in place from midday on Friday until 9am on Sunday, with the Met Office forecasting temperatures of 27C to 28C on Friday before they rise to 30C in parts of the country on Saturday.

30C highs to hit UK this week before ‘heavy’ thundery downpours. (Photo: James Manning/PA Wire)30C highs to hit UK this week before ‘heavy’ thundery downpours. (Photo: James Manning/PA Wire)
30C highs to hit UK this week before ‘heavy’ thundery downpours. (Photo: James Manning/PA Wire)

A spokesperson for the UK's weather service said that temperatures could tail off as early as Saturday evening as thunderstorms sweep across the "spine" of England following two days of high temperatures.

Grahame Madge said: "What's happening is we have a large area of low pressure which is out to the West of Britain and Ireland and the way that revolves is the area around it is going in an anti-clockwise direction which is going to have the effects of drawing up quite warm and humid air coming up from south continental Europe.

"That is going to be responsible for the heat but it'll start to build on Friday and then by Saturday we have a cold front coming in from the west which will introduce fresher conditions once that has moved through but it will also introduce a lot more moisture.

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"There will potentially be quite spectacular thunderstorms on Saturday running along the spine of England. Then we have a return to fresher conditions once that cold front has moved through.

"We're not in heatwave territory. The temperatures are high 20s and potentially 30C which would reach the threshold for a heatwave but we haven't got the duration.

"During heatwave conditions we would expect at least three days of those sorts of values across a fairly large area and although we have high temperatures where it will feel quite warm and humid, we haven't got the duration.

"It's building on Friday, peaking on Saturday and then really, by even Saturday afternoon for some people, the heat will already start transitioning to something fresher."

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A yellow warning from the UKHSA means it is likely there will be an increase in the use of healthcare services by the vulnerable and an increase in risk to health for individuals over 65 or those who have pre-existing health conditions.

However, The Met Office is still predicting rain to hit Headingley potentially affecting the outcome of the Third Ashes Test between England and Australia, and possibly ending England’s chances of snatching the famous urn from the grasp of the Australians.

Rain is predicted to hit the Yorkshire CCC ground on Saturday and Sunday, as temperatures drop to around 22C.