Weird and wonderful records tumble at London Marathon

A Princess, celebrities, and members of the public dressed in bizarre costumes to raise money for charity were among the runners in yesterday's London Marathon.

The forecast warm weather did not materialise and most of those taking part were happy that the start of the race took place in pouring rain which brought cooler temperatures.

This year the marathon was sponsored by Virgin, and Sir Richard Branson's children Holly and Sam were running alongside the Duke of York's daughter Princess Beatrice in a "human caterpillar".

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The trio were part of a group of 34 runners strung together in pairs. They were attempting to beat the record for the most people to finish a marathon while tied together.

Emmerdale actor Tony Audenshaw was the fastest celebrity to finish and also the fastest ever runner dressed as a baby. He said: "It means everything to me. It's great to be the fastest celebrity and also to break a Guinness World Record.

"You can forget about the 100m record, this is the record people are interested in."

Audenshaw said he finished in three hours 13 minutes.

George Bingham, 49, from West Yorkshire, was wearing a 1/12 scale model of the Angel of the North. He was hoping his costume, which was 14ft

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high with a wingspan of 14ft 9in, would win him the record of tallest costume while raising more than 40,000 for charity.

He squatted down as he passed the start line so the model would fit under the starting arch.

Ian Young, 34, from Prestwick near Glasgow, became the fastest book character, dressed as Sherlock Holmes. He finished the race in four hours, one minute and 47 seconds.

About 36,000 athletes took part in the London event and more than 5,500 runners also took to the streets of Sheffield for the city's annual half-marathon.

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A fun run was held alongside yesterday's 13.1 mile elite event, which started and finished at the Don Valley Stadium. First over the line was Andrew Pearson, of Huddersfield-based Longwood Harriers, in 1hr 7min 4secs.