Welding equipment ‘spark’ thought to have caused huge Morley fire

A spark from welding equipment has been identified as the probable cause of a huge fire at a vehicle repair shop in Morley earlier this summer.

Eighty firefighters tackled the blaze, which broke out at Adventure Service Repair on Elmfield Road on the evening of June 10.

It took around 16 hours to extinguish the flames, which caused smoke to billow out across Morley and forced residents to keep their windows closed.

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The incident is one of the biggest the West Yorkshire Fire Service have tackled this year, though there were no reports of any injuries.

Fire Engines readiede at Leeds Fire Station... StockFire Engines readiede at Leeds Fire Station... Stock
Fire Engines readiede at Leeds Fire Station... Stock

Now in a report going before the region’s Fire Authority next Friday, the service has said that the cause of the blaze “was thought to be a spark from welding equipment.”

It added: “The time of call to this incident was 6.11pm with the stop being sent at 11.43am (the next day).”

The report said that crews from Morley, Hunslet and Dewsbury originally attended the incident, but were later joined by units from nine other places across West Yorkshire, including a command unit from 13 miles away in Featherstone.