What you can expect and everything you need to know if you plan to visit Yorkshire Scare Grounds this Halloween

The wait is almost over...

Do you know someone willing to take on the frights at Yorkshire Scare Grounds?

For thrill-seekers throughout the globe Halloween is the time of year most looked forward to.

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Forget Christmas, birthdays, or long summer days.

Do you know someone willing to take on the frights at Yorkshire Scare Grounds?

When Halloween is upon us, horror fans and adrenaline junkies get to have their fix of screams and scares.

Yorkshire Scare Grounds 'Scream Park' has become synonymous with hoards of thrill-seeking horror lovers descending on a field in Wakefield.

So, with the run-up to the big day getting ever closer, here's everything you need to know about this year's event:


If you make it through the deep, dark, deserted woodland are you brave enough to enter:

The Torture Rooms

In an underground world where dark web punters pay a high price to watch horrifying pain being inflicted on unsuspecting victims, blood curdling screams can be heard around every corner as you make your way through the dimly lit corridors.

The higher the bid, the more intense the pain!

As you're herded through like cattle to the slaughter, beware of the torturers – YOU could be the next web hit.

Zombie Outpost

Rising from the ruins of 1942, the Undead are awakening to form the ultimate Nazi Army.

Will you find your way through the maze of dark trenches? Or be captured and become one of the Elite?

The Colony

The Colony is a foul place, a village hidden from view and filled with hatred and fear.

The inhabitants have long been forgotten, the way they were treated still lingers in the air like a foul stench.

Locked away and left to rot, the lepers have become hungry for the flesh of humans and none have survived passing through without being bitten or devoured.

Will YOU be the next victim and become a resident of The Colony?

Hotel Hell - Under New Management

Jack is back! Together with his team of Killer Clowns they have taken over the Hotel and are hell bent on making sure you don’t have a good stay.

Jack’s been busy renovating his new property, with lots of surprises around every corner.

Will you plummet to your death in a malfunctioning elevator? Or be cut to pieces in a pitch-black corridor? Or burnt to death in the boiler room?

Nowhere is safe from Jack and his gang of insane clowns! S

Blackthorn Asylum

Blackthorn, an abandoned asylum, haunted by its ghostly inhabitants, opens its doors once again for brave visitors.

Dr Frank Victor became the owner of Blackthorn Asylum in 1864, after many years Dr Victor set about himself with certain techniques to alter the mind, eventually becoming so paranoid that he peeled off his skin so that ‘they’ could no longer recognise him, rumour has it he is still inside waiting for his next patient...

There will also be a number of hot and cold refreshments to keep you going through the evening, as well as a pop-up bar aptly named The Severed Head open on certain nights.


Tickets this year are priced at £20, with group booking discount available which gives you 12 tickets for the price of 10.

They can be booked by heading over to scaregrounds.co.uk


Scare Grounds opens on Friday, October 12 and runs through until November 3.

Note Scare Grounds is closed for three days 15th, 16th, 17th October.