White Rose Centre evacuated this morning... but it is all part of planned exercise

Staff and shoppers gathered outside entrances at the White Rose Shopping Centre this morning... but the evacuation was a planned training exercise.

The White Rose Shopping Centre was evacuated this morning.

An automated tannoy announcement initially warned there had been an 'incident on the premises' and for people not to try and enter the building.

However, The White Rose management later confirmed it was all part of a planned evacuation drill.

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A Facebook post revealed the following: "A planned fire evacuation drill was held at the White Rose Shopping Centre today, Wednesday 12 July, at 10.05am.

"As part of its rigorous health and safety strategy, White Rose routinely undertakes such measures to ensure the highest possible standard of care for staff, customers and retailers.

"Few of the centre’s employees are pre-warned of drills to ensure an accurate measure of the centre’s preparedness for such an event. Evacuation drills are measured against specific criteria to ensure exceptionally high standards and continuous improvement."