Why this Leeds trampoline park wants to serve alcohol from 9am

A trampoline park in Leeds wants permission to serve alcohol from 9am.

A similar branch of Jump Inc in Sheffield

An application from Jump Inc trampoline park in Holbeck, set to go before Leeds licensing chiefs, asks for permission to serve alcohol from 9am-10pm, seven days a week.

The applicants claim measures would be taken to ensure nobody purchasing alcohol would be allowed to use the trampolines, but a local councillor claims such a licence could still cause a risk to children using the facilities.

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In a letter to the authority, Coun Andrew Scopes (Lab) argued that alcohol sales should be restricted to later in the day.

It read: “I would like to object to the sale of alcohol in Jump Inc prior to 2pm. I believe that the combination of alcohol and jumping provides additional risk to children in the trampoline park and the more time adults have had the opportunity to consume alcohol at the venue the higher the likelihood of an incident. I believe limiting the period of time alcohol reduces this risk.

“For background, when attending Jump Inc, the safety video clearly explains how two people jumping on the trampoline at the same time is dangerous, particularly for the lighter individual (which will in almost all cases be the child). It is well documented that the consumption of alcohol diminishes the ability to make sound judgement, and increased consumption typically relates to poorer judgement.

“I feel that limiting the sale of alcohol to later in the day (and the overall duration that it is on sale for) is a balanced and reasonable position and reduces risk without being unnecessarily detrimental to Jump Inc.”

The licensing application claims alcohol would only be served in plastic drinking vessels, and that anyone purchasing alcohol would have their wristband – needed to enter the “activity zone” – removed at the point of sale. It also said staff would be specially-trained and the premises would include 24-hour CCTV.

A report by council officers warns committee members: “Members of the licensing subcommittee are asked to note that they may not reject the whole or part of the application merely because they consider it desirable to do so. It must be appropriate in order to promote the licensing objectives.”

The application will go before the authority’s licensing sub committee on Tuesday, December 11.