Why these two Yorkshire towns have been voted the worst places to live in the UK

Two Yorkshire towns have been named in the top ten worst towns and cities to live in England, with "horrible" Huddersfield topping the list.

Huddersfield topped the list of worst places to live in England in 2018

The West Yorkshire town received 50 per cent more votes than the town in the second spot, and was slated by voters for being "unclean", "rough" and "chavvy".

One voter commented: "There's nothing but pound shops and a few coffee shops. It's polluted, unclean and full of idiots. It's a horrible place to live".

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While another wrote: "It's a rough, boring, chavvy crap hole".

Huddersfield topped the list of worst places to live in England in 2018

Huddersfield beat of competition from "violent" Rotherham and "self pity city" Liverpool, which came in second and third respectively.

Dover, which features regularly on the tongue-in cheek list from 30,000 strong community website ILiveHere, took the top spot last year, but managed to drop to number 10 for 2018, despite voters claiming "nobody wants to live here".

Rochdale came in fourth and was described by the website as "almost permanent fixture in a our Top 10 for a very good reason".

Fellow Yorkshire towns Castleford and Hull also made it into the list, with voters invited to include their opinions of the areas.

Huddersfield was described as 'horrible' while Rotherham was dubbed as 'violent'

Describing Castleford, one voter said: "A trip to Castleford is a real eye opener... and you need to keep your eyes open because if you dare to close them, they’d have your wallet faster than you could say ‘XR3i.’"

While another voter described their home town of Hull as a "dump".

The top 10 worst places to live in England in 2018

1. Huddersfield

2. Rotherham

3. Liverpool

4. Rochdale

5. Blackpool

6. Castleford

7. Hull

8. Accrington

9. Blackburn and Bristol

10. Dover