Widow ensures memories of husband will always sparkle

BEFORE he died earlier this year, Steve Walker was a well-known figure in his home town of Maltby and his widow has made sure he will not be forgotten by wearing a ring which contains his ashes.

Mr Walker, who was just 58 when he fell victim to throat cancer in June, was an enthusiastic member of the town’s Miners Welfare and Brooklands Club and more than 600 friends and family members attended his funeral.

Now Julie Walker, 58, of Rosston Road, has planned a memorial event at the club which will take place this weekend, and said her husband would be with her because she would be wearing the specially-commissioned ring on the day.

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The mother-of-three, who has three grandchildren, said: “Some people might think it’s morbid, but I think its comforting and my children do too. I first heard about having jewellery made from ashes when I talked to the funeral director about Steve’s cremation and thought it would be a way of always having him with me.”

Nick Cranham, who runs Sentimental Connections, which makes the jewellery said the silver ring cost £175.

The company, based in Nottingham, started out making keepsakes using pet ashes, but Mr Cranham said human versions were gaining in popularity.