Wolds Diary: Lessons in wool for the initiated

The weather has been really rather pleasant and my dogs and I have appreciated it. I went to check my friend's cats on Monday morning and then after a walk with the dogs, during which they were remarkably well behaved, I made it to the rehearsal at Pocklington Singers in the evening. Some of the music we are doing seems rather difficult at least to me, but we worked hard.

Sue Woodcock spinning wool.

The next day I set off for Bridlington where a friend gave me a lovely portrait of a black lamb. After that I rushed off to the church rooms at the Priory, just around the corner, where I have given talks before but this time it was to give a spinning demonstration.

There’s nothing more boring than just watching someone else who has acquired a skill sit back and say how easy it is, so this demonstration was very much a ‘come and have a try yourself’ activity.

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I explained a bit about wool and its properties and then invited volunteers to come forward. Soon there was much laughter, a lot of interest and everyone was involved. Some were naturals at it.

Several people were very good at carding, which I warned was quite a strenuous activity that needs a degree of determination. They all laughed when I told them that when I card wool I imagine I’m carding the head of an enemy.

I think the evening went well. They had given me a wonderful book about the Priory, which I shall treasure.

On the Wednesday I helped at a huge funeral in church and then went out with the dogs before having a quiet evening in for a change.

On Thursday I headed to Bawtry, where at a very posh hotel on the Great North Road I was a guest at the Ladies Luncheon Club.

After a delicious lunch, I gave my talk to a good audience, and then headed home for a rehearsal of the Celebration Singers.

On Friday, I picked up a friend and we took the dogs to the Woodland Trust walk I do near Melbourne. I started off with some trepidation hoping no squirrels would taunt my Doberman/Sharpei cross, but the walk was remarkably peaceful.

On the way back we noticed a pair of buzzards soaring overhead, quite near my friend’s house. They are such magnificent birds and a pleasure to watch.

The cricket season has started and I was asked to score for our first XI, at an away game in Hull. I was kindly given a lift and my fellow scorer was a lovely lady, Lyn and we got on very well. The scoring room, with the windows open, was very cold but we decided we were tough, and declined to use the heater. Both of us had to get back into the swing of scoring for the new season and I was grateful for her help.

The match got quite exciting for a while and I was gratified that we won. We had a drink in the bar afterwards and when I got home I took the dogs out. On Sunday I read one of the lessons at church before heading home to do some gardening.