Woman helped boyfriend sell items stolen from Leeds murder victim as body was still inside flat

A WOMAN who helped her boyfriend sell valuable items stolen from a murder victim's flat after he had been stabbed to death has been jailed for three years.


A court heard Dempsey Pattison helped killer Phillip Craig sell guitars and computer equipment taken from Christopher Laskaris’s flat in Hyde Park, Leeds.

Craig, 38, went into the flat on repeated occasions as Mr Laskaris’s lifeless body was still inside the property after he was murdered in November 2016.

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Drug dealer Craig removed expensive guitars, a 32-inch television, an amplifier and Playstation equipment over a two-week period which he later sold.

Craig was jailed for a minimum of 25 year after being found guilty of murder after a trial in May last year.

A jury heard Craig stabbed his vulnerable victim to death before rifling through his pockets.

Pattison was jailed after pleading guilty to handling stolen goods.

Lorraine Harris, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court the total value of the property taken from Mr Laskaris’s home was worth £2,369.

The court heard that Pattison went to the the flat on St Johns Close in a taxi with Craig and waited outside in the vehicle while her partner went and removed items.

On another occasion she helped look after items taken from the property by Craig.

Miss Harris said: “On at least two occasion she has assisted in the retention and selling of items which she knew that were stolen and that the occupant of the house had been stabbed.”

The prosecutor described how Mr Laskaris had Asperger’s syndrome and did not have a wide circle of friends.

He was attacked by Craig after initially being befriended by Pattison.

Miss Harris read a victim statement on behalf of Mr Laskaris’s family, which read: “It is heart-breaking that Christopher could be exploited by people he trusted.

“This showed a very callous disregard for Christopher’s life.

“Christopher was not treated with dignity, kindness or respect after his death.”

Patricia Doherty, mitigating, said: “She was in an abusive, violent relationship and was frightened for her own safety most of the time.”

Miss Doherty said Pattison did not benefit financially from the sale of the stolen items but Craig had given her drugs for helping.

The barrister said Pattison had a drug addiction at the time of the offence.

Jailing Pattison, judge Sally Cahill, QC, said: “You must have know that something very serious indeed had happened.”