Woman was 'terrified' as low flying plane descended over Beckwithshaw

A terrified woman has appealed for more information, after a 'scarily' low flying plane passed over Beckwithshaw on Friday afternoon.

Picture: Lesley Bland

Lesley Bland was bringing two horses in from her livery yard in Beckwithshaw at around 12.45pm on Friday, March 9, when a suspected military plane flew overhead.

But Lesley said she was terrified as the plane came so low she thought it was about to land in one of the fields.

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She said: "I was bring in two horses from the livery yard we keep them at when a four propeller plane flew immediately overhead, so low I could almost see in the cockpit!

"I was terrified and had two slightly panicky Horses who coped remarkably well with the situation, however I know from experience this could have been a very different outcome.

"I’m presuming this plane was from the army base but I genuinely thought it must have been landing in one of our fields it was that low!"

Lesley said that the plane returned later the same day and managed to picture it flying low again, but said it was 'not nearly as low' as it had been before.

Assuming the aircraft had come from the army base, initially Lesley thought the plane was a 'Nimrod' but now believes it was a 'Hercules'.

Keen to find out more, Lesley has asked if anyone else saw the plane or knows what it might have been doing flying so low.