Women go on offensive over defence

TWO mothers have landed a blow for women who want to defend themselves – in a new business called Safe Girls that teaches women of all ages self-defence techniques.

The enterprise has been set up by Debbie Potter, from Londesborough, after being inundated with requests from friends and family to teach their daughters before they head off to college or university, travelling, or simply going out socialising.

She and colleague Cathy Henworth, from Nunburnholme, have just gained their first and second dan black belts in the martial art of ju-jitsu.

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In their courses, they teach women how to deal with panic as well as several easy-to-learn self-defence techniques.

Debbie said: “We have had grandmothers, mums and daughters enquiring about our workshops.

“It would appear that ladies are increasingly aware of their personal safety and see a self-defence course as a way to increase confidence and have that extra peace of mind as they go about their daily lives”.

Details of their workshops just for women have been posted online at www.safe-girls.co.uk.

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