'White van man' who killed pensioner after crashing into mobility scooter facing jail

Mick Morrison, 76, (right) died two days after being run over by courier driver Edward Madden, 44 (left)Mick Morrison, 76, (right) died two days after being run over by courier driver Edward Madden, 44 (left)
Mick Morrison, 76, (right) died two days after being run over by courier driver Edward Madden, 44 (left)
A white van man who killed an elderly Parkinson's disease sufferer by ploughing into his mobility scooter as he crossed a road is facing jail.

Tragic Mick Morrison, 76, died two days after being run over by courier driver Edward Madden, 44, in Coventry on May 6, 2019.

A court heard Morrison was not looking where he was going when he drove straight into Mr Madden as he was crossing the street on his mobility scooter.

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Emergency services were called to the junction of Allesley Old Road and Brookside Avenue at around 10.30am but Mr Morrison later died from his injuries.

Madden denied causing death by careless driving but was was found guilty by a jury sitting at Warwick Crown Court.

The court was told Madden had just visited a Co-op store when he pulled out onto a dual carriageway and went to turn right at a set of traffic lights.

Prosecutor Siobhan Collins said: "What happened was that before the defendant came through the junction, Michael Morrison was on his mobility scooter waiting to cross Allesley Old Road at the designated crossing point.

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“He waited until it was safe to cross, and you will see [on a CCTV recording] several cars passing through the junction. When there was time and space, he began to travel across the road, the Highway Code giving him right of way.”

But when Mr Morrison was half-way towards then central refuge, Madden came out of Brookside Avenue making a right turn.

Miss Collins added: “That is when the collision took place. Mr Madden in the van hit Mr Morrison on his mobility scooter. He had been making that crossing for something like seven seconds.”

After hitting him, Madden stopped and got out of the van as other people also rushed to try to help the injured pensioner.

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Miss Collins said: “There is no issue as to what happened. Mr Morrison came out into the road, and at this point Mr Madden drove out of the mouth of the junction to turn right, and the collision took place. The prosecution say that had Mr Madden been looking properly, he would have seen Mr Morrison.

“The reality is that, when you see the footage, it is clear Mr Morrison was well established in the road, and any driver who was paying proper attention making that turn would have seen him. Mr Madden clearly was not looking properly, and that’s why he hit him.”

Madden claimed his driving had not been careless, and said he had braked as soon as he saw Mr Morrison, and that the collision had simply been an accident.

But Miss Collins said: “The prosecution say that was far too late. He could and should have seen him before. Anyone driving correctly would have. There is no such thing as an accident. It always has to be someone’s mistake – and in this case it was Mr Madden, a driver who was not looking properly where he was going.”

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Madden was granted bail for pre-sentence reports to be prepared and will be sentenced at a later date

In a tribute issued via police at time of this death, Mr Morrison's wife said previously: "Mick was a wonderful and loving husband. Notwithstanding his problems with Parkinson’s disease, he had an enormous zest for life and believed in living life to the full which included flying to Las Vegas four or five times a year.

"His death has left an enormous void in our lives and he will be missed dreadfully as I have lost not only my husband but also my best friend."