Singer in court over community service

Singer Chris Brown has returned to court to face allegations he failed to complete his community service for the beating of Rihanna in 2009.

And the woman he assaulted blew him a kiss as he entered the Los Angeles court. The bruised face of the superstar was shown round the world after she was beaten by then-boyfriend Brown on the way to the Grammys.

She has been dating him again, and arrived with the R&B star, his mother and two other women. They left together after the short hearing, during which a judge asked for more information, and adjourned for two months.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, said he was disturbed about the way the district attorney handled the matter.

Prosecutors, who said they could find no credible evidence that Brown had completed his community service in his home state of Virginia, asked that he serve 180 days in Los Angeles County.

But Mr Geragos filed an angry response, alleging that prosecutors submitted material to the court that was “dead wrong” and asking they be punished. He offered details of Brown’s community labour stints clearing brush at stables, shredding documents, painting walls and picking up rubbish.

Mr Geragos said, “I’ve never had a client, and I’ve represented thousands, who has been tortured by a DA’s office on probation like Chris Brown has.” He said Rihanna was present because “she thinks it’s utterly ridiculous what they’re doing to him, as do I”.

The prosecution also says Brown has continuing anger management issues, citing a January 27 fight with fellow R&B star Frank Ocean, and a 2011 outburst in which he threw a chair through a window after being asked about the Rihanna attack on the TV show Good Morning America.

After pleading guilty to the Rihanna attack, Brown was given permission to serve 180 days of community labour in Virginia.