Snapper Kate shows off royal exposures

She may be one of the most photographed women in the world, but on her recent trip to Borneo, the Duchess of Cambridge seized her chance to get behind the camera to capture this exotic array of jungle scenes.

The collection offers an insight into the views that caught Kate’s imagination during her Diamond Jubilee tour to South East Asia and the South Pacific with her husband, William.

The seven artistic shots comprise four black-and-white images – one featuring an orang-utan – and three aerial colour photos taken as the couple flew over dramatic landscapes.

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The images were released just a day after pictures showing the Duke of Cambridge at work were hastily removed from the couple’s website amid fears that they breached security.

Kate’s photographs, taken with her camera, offer her own perspective on the trip.

They document her journey into the jungle in the Malaysian state of Sabah, where she and William visited the Danum Valley research station.

The first black-and-white images, taken as the couple enjoyed a private walk through the rainforest, show sunlight falling on a stunning jungle clearing, while another shows an endangered Borneo orang-utan, partly concealed in the branches of a palm.

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In other shots, the Duchess captures Mount Kinabalu – the highest point in Borneo at 13,400ft above sea level – rising above the clouds during the couple’s flight to the Solomon Islands.

Another photo taken from the air shows forested hills, while a third, snapped on a helicopter trip en route to the research station, offers a bird’s eye view of a palm oil plantation.

While they appeared relaxed, the trip to Borneo came at a testing time for the couple amid a global furore over the publication of pictures of the Duchess sunbathing topless on holiday in France.

The pictures she took are on the royal couple’s website,