York City's ground to be transformed into Nazi sports stadium

York City's ground is to be transformed into the Nazi-era Olympic Stadium as filming for a new period drama gets underway.
The Olympic Stadium, BerlinThe Olympic Stadium, Berlin
The Olympic Stadium, Berlin

Production crews are at Bootham Crescent for a two-week shoot as part of the TV project, which is set during the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Details about the series, which is described as a 'period sporting drama', are being deliberately kept under wraps until filming is complete.

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Extras have been seen inside the ground, which is being decorated to resemble the Olympicstadion under Nazi rule.

There will be no changes to the exterior of the stadium.

The Berlin Olympics were the final Games to take place before World War Two broke out. Intended as a showcase event to promote the Nazi regime, they excluded Jewish athletes from the host country.

The Games are best-known for the performance of black American athlete Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals and defied Hitler's views on racial inferiority.

The 100,000-seater Olympic Stadium was part of the huge Reichssportfeld complex, which also included other venues used during the Games. It has since been remodelled and expanded and is now an international football arena.

Bootham Crescent can accommodate 8.256 spectators - less than a tenth of the original Olympic Stadium's capacity.

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