Yorkshire firm launches world's first spider-proof garden shed

AS THE nights draw in and creepy-crawlies venture inside, a Leeds company has come up with what it claims is the world's first spider-proof shed.

Yorkshire based Tiger Sheds claim this is the world's first spider-proof shed

The 8ftx6ft outbuilding is made with silicone joints, airtight windows and insect-repelling lining paper to deter even the most persistent invaders.

The £2,000 price tag includes a “no spiders allowed” sign on the door for the benefit of literate arachnids.

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Hannah Moore of manufacturer Tiger Sheds said 25 per cent of shed owners questioned admitted avoiding their outbuildings because they feared seeing spiders.

She said: “We’d had several requests for a spider-proof shed from people too afraid to venture into their outbuildings in case spiders were lurking, so we decided to conduct some research into how many Brits this fear actually affected.

"We liaised with numerous arachnid experts to come up with the product, which we’re confident will keep spiders out.”

The shed comes with an optional “creepy crawly den”, with holes and cracks for spiders to crawl into, which that sits beside the shed and gives the creatures an alternative home.