The Yorkshire Post says: A co-ordinated approach is needed to tackle threat of climate change

That global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry have risen to record highs is worrying news for the world's climate.

Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry have risen by more than 2% in 2018 to reach new record highs, scientists have said. Photo: John Giles/PA Wire

According to a new study, the growth, estimated at 2.7 per cent this year, is largely due to an increase in the use of coal, as well as oil to power cars, lorries and flights, and gas.

While Britain is making great strides in becoming less reliant on coal-fired power – with the number of coal-free hours long-surpassing 1,000 this year – the same cannot be said for all countries.

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This new research by the Global Carbon Project found India’s emissions, for example, have grown by about 6.3 per cent, with coal, oil and gas all seeing an increase as the economy grows.

Just this week naturalist and television presenter Sir David Attenborough issued a stark warning that the collapse of civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is “on the horizon” without committed action to tackle climate change and lessen its most serious potential effects.

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As stressed by four former presidents of the annual UN climate talks, this push must be international, powered by multilateral cooperation.

With the world on a path of warming, this new study serves to reinforce what has already become apparent. Comprehensive action is needed urgently to cut the emissions that cause climate change.

The reality is that only a coordinated approach, bringing together the efforts of all countries in collaboration, will be able to make a tangible difference in tackling the threat of climate change facing the world in the coming years.