The Yorkshire Post says: Credit where it's due for high-performing 999 centre at West Yorkshire Police

Police forces are often the targets of all kinds of criticism, so it is heartening to be able to praise West Yorkshire Police for having the best-performing emergency call centre in the country.

West Yorkshire Police call centre
West Yorkshire Police call centre

In the last four months, only three 999 calls have had to be abandoned, none of which were an emergency and including one relating to a man who got stuck in a child’s swing and managed to release himself before police staff answered the phone.

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The high standards of performance come despite increasing numbers of emergency calls and has led to West Yorkshire’s work being highlighted to other forces as an example to follow.

While concerns remains about the performance of the non-emergency 101 number, it is reassuring for all those who live in West Yorkshire to know that if they call 999 to try and speak to the police, in 99.99998 per cent of cases they will get through promptly – a statistic which speaks for itself.