The Yorkshire Post says: Guide horses would offer more choice to visually impaired

When an individual loses their sight, it is vital that they do not lose their freedom too '“ and this for many is where guide dogs play a part.

Guide horses like Digby will give blind people more choice.

Since 1931, the animals have helped thousands of blind and partially sighted people with everyday tasks like crossing the road and avoiding obstacles when walking.

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Meet Digby - born and bred in Yorkshire, he's the UK's first guide horse in trai...

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By doing so, the dogs support the visually impaired to get out and about, improving accessibility, confidence and independence.

In the US, miniature horses also take on that role – and the idea has now spread across the Atlantic where the pioneering Digby is being trained here in Yorkshire as the country’s first guide horse.

As the Royal National Institute of the Blind rightly points out, individuals have different preferences – and guide horses would give people more choice and a much-needed alternative for those who suffer from dog allergies or phobias.

Let’s hope more follow in Digby’s footsteps, or rather, his hoof prints.