Yorkshire Post Says: Hero of the North - Brendan Foster leads from start to finish

BRENDAN Foster is the first to admit it that it is the competitors, of all ages and abilities, who have turned the Great North Run into such a national '“ and international '“ celebration of athletics.


Yet the million-plus runners who have completed the iconic half-marathon, and the spectators who faithfully line the route in all weathers, would say it is their inspirational local hero who has made a race like no other in the world.

This was self-evident at the start of the 2017 contest when the recently retired BBC commentator had the privilege of starting a race that he founded in 1981 (without the approval of the local constabulary).

It was a richly deserved honour – few people have done as much for the North, and public participation in sport, as Brendan Foster who is still leading from the front.