The Yorkshire Post Weekly Quiz: Top Gear, Ed Balls, ancient Greece and the new James Bond

Test your knowledge with our quiz of this week’s news...

1) This week an outspoken American TV celebrity threw his hat into the ring for the forthcoming presidential elections. Who was it?

a - Jerry Springer

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b - Jerry Seinfeld

c - Donald Trump

d - David Letterman

2) Bookmakers William Hill slashed odds on one actor taking over the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig but who is now the front runner?

a - Tom Hardy

b - Idris Elba

c - Damien Lewis

d - Christian Bale

3) The Large Hadron Collider has restarted after a two year pause but how long is the world’s biggest physics experiment?

a - 17 miles

b - 22 miles

c - 24 miles

d - 42 miles

4) This week the Magna Carta (the Great Charter), the Human Rights Act of its day, which subjected everyone to the rule of law, including the king, marked its 800th anniversary but on what material was it originally written?

a - Paper

b - Wood

c - Sheepskin

d - Stone

5) Former Morley and Outwood Labour MP and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, who lost his seat following the General Election, has a new job, but what is it?

a - Fitness instructor

b - Sommelier in France

c - Academic at Harvard University

d - Judge on Britain’s Got Talent

6) Greece stands on the brink of leaving the Euro, which it joined in 2002. If it does, it will have to re-instate its former currency, the drachma, which was the world’s oldest but how old in years was the drachma before 2002?

a - 1,580

b - 1,600

c - 2,650

d - 4,500

7) A rather unusual tree is said to be growing in the grounds of Oakwell Hall Country Park in Birstall, it was planted there two years ago. What is it?

a - Baobab tree

b - Giant Redwood

c - Dragon Blood Tree

d - Kauri Tree

8) Chris Evans has been revealed as the new host of the BBC’s Top Gear but who presented the first episode of the programme back in 1977?

a - Russell Harty

b - Germaine Greer

c - Angela Rippon

d - Keith Chegwin

9) Leeds Museums Discovery Centre is expecting interest in their collection of dinosaur bones and fossils after the opening of Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic World. How much did the film take in its opening week?

a - $100m

b - $300m

c - $750m

d - $500m

10) Welcome to Yorkshire boss, Gary Verity, who convinced the French to bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire, could soon be knighted. What was he doing when he first came up with the idea?
 a - Shaving

b - Sat in the bath

c - Tiling

d - Squat thrusts

ANSWERS: 1)C - Donald Trupm. 2)C - Damien Lewis. 3)A - 17 miles. 4)C - Sheepskin. 5)C - Academic at Harvard. 6)C - 2,650. 7)B - Giant Redwood. 8)C - Angela Rippon. 9)D - £500m. 10)A - Shaving.