Yorkshire’s most expensive streets to buy a house: Leeds V Sheffield

SHEFFIELD: Blue Ridge Close, S17 - 877,226 Pounds
SHEFFIELD: Blue Ridge Close, S17 - 877,226 Pounds
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Yorkshire truly has some beautiful places - and although it’s no London, there are plenty of streets where houses will fetch a pretty penny.

Here we run through the most expensive streets in Leeds and in Sheffield, pitting two of Yorkshire’s most important cities against one another in a battle of the property prices.

So what’s the verdict?

Well, it turns out Leeds’ streets are... a fair bit pricier in the top bracket than over in South Yorkshire.

Check out the gallery. Are any of these your dream street?

We’ve used Zoopla’s Zed index to find out where the most expensive properties are in the city. The average price paid for a property in Leeds is £198,622 according to the property website.

House prices are only going up, but in Sheffield the average price of a home is £195,000.

But if you’re a first time buyer, well, all of these streets may be a touch out of your price range...

Zoopla’s Zed-Index examines the average property value in a given area based on current estimates from its database.