Yorkshire set for heavy downpours and thunderstorms this week

Yorkshire could be set for heavy downpours and even thunder storms, according to experts

The Met Office is predicting glorious weather for the Bank Holiday weekend, but the city may have to brace itself for heavy rain first.

Thursday is set to be a warm day with highs of 20C. It's expected to be cloudy through the money before brightening up as we head into the afternoon.

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And Friday is when the weather goes downhill, if the predictions are correct. With a high of just 14C predicted and the chance of rain for most of the day, the umbrellas and hooded coats might be making an appearance.

Heavy rain is forecast for the morning, with the chance of thundery showers earlier in the day. But don't worry, as it will soon clear and the city will be graced with glorious sunshine for the Bank Holiday.

Highs of 20C are forecast for Saturday, although it will be overcast, with Sunday being the stand-out by far. Prolonged sunny spells and highs of 21C on Sunday mean that the shorts and vests should be able to come put of the wardrobe again. Monday looks like being slightly cooler and cloudier, with highs of 20C predicted.