Youngsters hop to it for Comic Relief and break UK record

NEARLY 1,500 Yorkshire youngsters raised a sackful of cash and hopped their way into the record books.

Pupils and staff at Rossett School, Harrogate, clambered into Taylors of Harrogate coffee sacks for the giant Comic Relief race yesterday, and while failing to reach the all-time world record of 2,095 set in the Netherlands in 2002, assistant head teacher John Lawton claims they have beaten the previous UK record.

“We had 1,445 people taking part and it was an absolutely fantastic event”, he said.

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“We believe we have secured a UK record and are attempting to have this confirmed.

“The pupils have been brilliant and we have raised a lot of money.”

Meanwhile Leeds DJ Chris Moyles set a new world record by staying on air for more than 50 hours and raising more than £2m for Comic Relief in the process.

Moyles started his marathon 52-hour broadcast on Radio 1 with sidekick “Comedy” Dave Vitty on Wednesday morning and finally came off air at 10.30am yesterday.

The pair were allowed a five-minute break every hour and took showers to refresh themselves as well as the occasional brief power nap.