YP Letters: Beware dangers of rushing headlong into a new Cold War

From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

Has Jeremy Corbyn taken the right stance over Putin and Russia? (AP).
Has Jeremy Corbyn taken the right stance over Putin and Russia? (AP).

Keeping abreast of the unfolding events in Salisbury and the coverage in The Yorkshire Post could almost be like reading the pages of an Ian Fleming spy novel.

Would there have been so much reaction if it had happened “up North” for poor Theresa May who, if she is ultimately successful will be known not 
only for our exit from the European Union but for escalating the Cold War with Russia, given the expulsion of Russian diplomats from London.

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Why anyone should want the job of Prime Minister, with its relatively poor pay, compared to the heads of London’s city banks, is beyond me.

From: Mike Roberts, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield.

I see Bill Carmichael is slavishly toeing the Tory line regarding the Skripal poisonings. Despite the absence of any substantive evidence that could be tested by law, we are told that the Russians are culpable.

Jeremy Corbyn has, sensibly and reasonably, suggested that, before we rush blindly into another Cold War, or worse, any such evidence should be produced.

I believe Mr Corbyn’s 
stance to be considerably 
more statesmanlike than Theresa May’s apparent rush to conflict.

This latter suggests that she is attempting to deflect attention from her government’s fumbling efforts at governing.

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

The situation in Syria has shown the true colours of Turkey. In the last war they were on the side of Hitler and now we have a whole new generation of certain countries’ leaders with the same mindset as the German leader.

Putin seems to want to rule the world, or at least cause as much trouble as possible without any thought of peace, and Erdogan the Turkish leader is not far behind.

Both get rid of any political opponent, both think it is acceptable to invade other countries and keep part of their land (Turkey says it will not return the land in Northern Syria it has taken over by force).

I don’t recall Turkey rushing to fight IS alongside the Western forces but, now IS has gone, 
they rush in and attack the 
Kurds who did fight alongside the West.

This is the same Turkey that wishes to join the EU. How long before they start thinking about taking some of the Greek islands?