YP Letters: Cameron and Osborne to blame for library woes

From: HO Griffiths, Littledale, Pickering.
What is the future of the library service?What is the future of the library service?
What is the future of the library service?

DESPITE the pertinence of your article (and comment) it comes as no surprise to me, and thousands of other regular and lifelong users of our wonderful and irreplaceable public library system, as to the reasons behind their death by a thousand cuts demise.

The main reason that our public libraries are suffering today is because of one government – the Tory dominated coalition of 2010-2015 – and two men, David Cameron and George Osborne. whose savage cuts and careless economic policies set in motion this current and ultimately avoidable scenario, a scenario ignored unfortunately by the present Tory administration led by Theresa May. They are the ones who should hang their heads in shame when fingers are pointed and people say what happened?

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Meanwhile, a public asset of unique importance to all people, especially the poor, will soon be just a memory or at most a skeleton of what it used to be.

Here in North Yorkshire the worst is yet to come when in March 2017 many more jobs, and the experience contained within those jobs, will be lost – and many more lives changed – forever! It is then that the tired mantra of volunteer, volunteer, volunteer will hit the buffers amidst the repercussions of a Tory-led annihilation of our precious public library system.