YP Letters: Labour councillors and MPs stuck in a groove

From: D S Boyes, Leeds.

Do Labour MPs complain too much about Tory cuts?

I AM old enough to remember the Shellac 78rpm gramophone records which, when the needle was worn, often stuck in the groove making the same sound over and over again.

This is what the moans of Labour MPs Rachel Reeves and Hilary Benn sound like to me. The same old clichés and red herrings about Tory cuts, etc.

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The fact is food banks first became established then expanded tenfold under New Labour.

I was ten years old before post-war food rationing ended completely, yet never knew anyone going hungry then.

Far from food being more expensive, the competition between the big five supermarkets and the acronym discount ones means they are practically giving it away.

Leeds West and Central’s biggest problem is lack of work, with almost every former main industry gone.

Neither Labour councillors nor MPs seem bothered, with only designer shops and executive housing attracting Labour’s attention.

When we get some genuine local representation with real local knowledge, Leeds might get somewhere, and Labour might then even get back into government.

To me this lot are only playing at it.