YP Letters: Lessons in tolerance from a city playground

From: David Quarrie, Holgate, York.
Schools are key to integration policy.Schools are key to integration policy.
Schools are key to integration policy.

I THINK that most people just want to live in peace and have a secure job that pays a fair wage that enables them to have a nice home, a holiday, eat well and be healthy.

Most people start off friendly. One of my granddaughters goes to a good school in London, a 45 minute Tube ride from King’s Cross railway station.

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She is in a class of 30, only eight of whom are English. She is very happy in this school, as is her sister. One of her best friends is Chinese, and there are children from South Korea, Russia, Poland, India, etc in her class.

All get on very well and there is never any trouble.

When playing in any of the many local parks, we see her and her sister having great fun with children from all over the world.

All the parents seem to get on well, are polite, share the turns on the swings, slides, climbing frames, rocking horses, sandpits with never any sign of angst.

When, where and why does all this go so badly wrong? Why would anyone want to fly a balistic missile over Japan or any other country ?Is there an answer to racial hate?

Perhaps “we” try too hard to get involved, to “force” integration and multiculturalism.

Time is a great healer. We can only hope.