YP Letters: Opening barrage of Bonfire Night nuisance

From: Richard Chapman, Tingley.

Should fireworks be banned?

ONCE again we have reached October and the firework menace is upon us.

The main supermarkets have not yet started selling them but I, with our terrified little dog, had to put up with a barrage of these things the other night.

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When are the authorities going to learn that these things are weapons which can be, and 
have been, used in terrorist acts and bought quite legally due to our outdated and misguided attitude that these things are just a “bit of harmless fun”, which has so many times been proved wrong?

My own opinion is that fireworks should only be available to organised displays, but if they are to be available to the general public, they should only be available a few days before and a few days after Bonfire Night, not all year around so people can celebrate someone’s hernia operation.

It seems some people need the slightest excuse to detonate these explosive bombs without a care for anybody else.

Ban them now.