YP Letters: Services cut to bone by out-of-touch politicians

Have politicians become out of touch with voters? (PA).Have politicians become out of touch with voters? (PA).
Have politicians become out of touch with voters? (PA).
From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

We have increased threats 
from potential terrorists, more and more cars are on our 
roads with potential offenders driving, crime is on the increase and we regularly hear of gang stabbings and murders and yet our government lead by Theresa May has cut our defences to the point where they cannot 
cope with the ever-rising demands on their services.

One question that has to be answered is why?

She and her cohorts have special protection officers 
so she is not at the same 
level of risk as those who elected her are.

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Added to all that is the fact that our NHS is also struggling and there are too few doctors in GP surgeries. Yet we send 
money to ridiculous causes like helping the Chinese to stop smoking.

Billions are to be spent 
on a railway to save a few 
minutes on a journey from Birmingham to London and, in the building process, destroying homes. Where is the sense in all this?

It is clear that our politicians are divorced from the reality of today’s world.

The only thing that could possibly be worse is a government lead by Unite’s poodle Jeremy Corbyn and that is the only reason the May government retains power.