Where is Our Yorkshire Farm filmed? All you need to know about Ravenseat - and how you can stay there

The Owen family are back for a fourth series of Our Yorkshire Farm (Channel 5)The Owen family are back for a fourth series of Our Yorkshire Farm (Channel 5)
The Owen family are back for a fourth series of Our Yorkshire Farm (Channel 5)

Our Yorkshire Farm has returned to Channel 5 for a fourth season.

The latest series sees the Owen family purchase a new farm. Fans of the series will be relieved to hear, however, that the family will be staying at the much-loved Ravenseat farm in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside.

But where exactly is Our Yorkshire Farm filmed?

Where is Ravenseat Farm? 

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Our Yorkshire Farm is filmed at Ravenseat Farm, a traditional Yorkshire Dales hill farm

Ravenseat is the home of The Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen, her husband Clive and their 9 children.

A 2,000 acre working farm, Ravenseat is located in Upper Swaledale, North Yorkshire, a short distance from the town of Keld.

According to the Yorkshire Shepherdess herself the farm is located “exactly half way on the hugely popular Coast to Coast walk” made famous by legendary English hiker Alfred Wainwright. The Coast to Coast walk runs from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay.

Is it possible to stay at Ravenseat Farm? 

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Uber-fans of the series will be delighted to know that its possible to stay at Ravenseat Farm.

You can stay at a shepherd’s hut on the farm for just £90-per-night for two people.

Alternatively you can stay at the Owens’ 6 bedroom farmhouse just down the road from Ravenseat which costs £175-per-night.

The Owens are not currently taking bookings due to Covid-19 restrictions – you can find out the latest at yorkshireshepherdess.com.

What has Amanda Owen said about the new series? 

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Amanda Owen opened up about the family’s life during the Covid-19 pandemic while also detailing the remarkable birth of her eighth child.

She told the Radio Times: “Our local maternity hospital is in Middlesbrough, which is 69 miles away, and on these roads, that takes a long time. So by baby number eight, I thought sod it, I’ll do it myself.”

“I knew the baby was in the right position, so when I felt the familiar feelings I went downstairs and had the baby in front of the fire with my terrier as a birthing partner.”

She added: “Clive wasn’t desperate to be at the birth, he was asleep upstairs. I went and woke him up with the baby.”

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Owen said she has instilled on that same sense of independence in their children, including when it comes to home-schooling.

She added: “We logged in for about a week. Then I threw it back to them.

“Children have to be independent. I can’t be a helicopter parent. We read the papers and they show me some of their projects, but I have yet to be at a single parents’ evening. I did pretty poorly at my exams, but look at what I have achieved since then.”

She continued: “The snowflake generation, they can’t do anything.

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“They don’t know anything about how to look after themselves, or a work ethic, all of that has gone out of the window. It’s our fault as parents.

“If you put your child on a pedestal, with no sense of independence, and think you have got to entertain them the whole time, what can you expect?

“I rebuff swaddling children, because I want to see them go on and do well and be themselves, whatever that is. I feel like it is their life and all I do is prepare them.

“What we do on the farm, hopefully, is preparation for the big world. The lessons they get here will stand them in good stead.”

Where and when can I watch the show? 

Series four of Our Yorkshire Farm gets underway at 9pm on April 13.

As ever the series will be shown on Channel 5. Viewers who miss an episode can catch up with the series at channel5.com.

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