Best bathrobes for women UK 2023: from microfibre to towelling


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Keep cosy and comfortable in one of these luxurious, stylish ladies' robes

Everyone knows that - aside from the treatments - one of the best parts of a spa day is stepping out of a pool or steam room and straight into a warm, fluffy robe.

For obvious reasons, spa trips are off the cards for now - so there’s never been a better excuse for replicating the luxury of a spa experience at home with your very own bathrobe. 

We tried some of the best women’s robes on offer, testing them for comfort, fit, absorbency and design to help you choose which would best suit you and your budget. 

With everyone spending so much time at home, adding a fluffy bathrobe to your pampering routine is guaranteed to take the experience up a notch - and provide something extra cosy to lounge around in afterwards. 

What material should I look for in a robe? 

If you’re looking for a “spa-like” robe for drying off after a bath or shower, you should look for a robe made out of Egyptian or Turkish cotton, or terry cloth.

If you’re looking for something to keep you warm during the colder months of the year, you may want to consider microplush or flannel material, whereas satin or waffle material is better for a lightweight, summer robe.

The White Company: Unisex Cotton Classic Robe

There’s a reason this bathrobe from The White Company is a company bestseller: it’s a gown with an extremely luxurious feel and fit, perfect for replicating the spa experience at home. 

It’s another gown made of 100 per cent quality cotton, and while the material is thick, cosy and absorbent, it avoids being stifling, meaning you won’t overheat while wearing it.

This is the best robe for that classic spa bathrobe feel, with the added bonus of a neat and trim fit, with the collar coming up high on the wearer to avoid any unwanted drafts. Similarly, it’s one of the longest gowns available, meaning your ankles won’t be left out in the cold.

Dunelm: Egyptian cotton white dressing gown

The Egyptian cotton material is the biggest sell for this gown, making it a very absorbent option for when you’re jumping straight out of the shower or bath. 

As the material on this gown is a little thinner than some of the options, it’s not one for doubling up as an ordinary dressing gown but rather a smart and comfortable choice for towelling. 

It’s an option that fits snugly and has a traditional spa feel, with the price - £40 - also particularly attractive given similar gowns tend to be more pricey elsewhere.

Christy’s: super soft cosy robe

The appeal of this gown lies in its smart fit, with the high neck and high waist style giving this robe a sleek and slimline look. 

Made from 48 per cotton and 52 per cent polyester, this gown is a little less soft on the skin than some of the more expensive options, but it remains very absorbent, making for a great spa-like option for anyone not wanting to break the bank. 

The robe is of medium length, and comes in either grey or white - though the reviewer recommends the latter for that truly luxurious feeling.

Landsend women’s towelling bathrobe

This towelling robe from American clothing company Landsend, made from 100 per cent cotton, is extra thick, making it a great choice for post-bath drying.

The thickness of the material, along with the generous length of the gown, also makes for a very warm fit, ideal for doubling up as an ordinary dressing gown alongside its function as a bathrobe. 

It’s a robe that feels soft on the skin and fits comfortably. There are three colours available - white, light blue and navy - the latter of which the reviewer appreciated for its regal feel. 

For a more personal feel, this robe can also be monogrammed.

La Redoute: Vimala Fancy Towelling Kimono Bathrobe in blue

This is a robe that stands out for its sleek fit and design, which emulates the Japanese kimono with its plunging collar and wrap-around front.

The deep blue robe is trimmed with a border of pale pink flowers, giving the robe a glamorous, sophisticated feel that would not leave you embarrassed to answer the door while wearing it. 

The pure cotton material is of a medium thickness which gives it a non-bulky feel. It’s also fairly absorbent and of medium length. 

JimJam: Ladies Personalised supersoft robe

JimJam is a company specialising in personalised sleep and loungewear, and this “supersoft” robe certainly lives up to its name. 

It’s a plush robe that’s deliciously soft to the touch and perfect for snuggling up in on a cold winter’s night. The length is a little short, but it makes a great budget option for anyone looking for a touch of comfort.

The bright pink colour and monogrammed initials add a fun and personal touch to this robe, which would make a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.

For £3 more, JimJam also offers a towelling robe with similar monogram option. 

M&S: pure cotton waffle dressing gown

Made from pure cotton, this is a soft and incredibly lightweight robe option which would be perfect for wear on holiday or simply on warmer summer nights.

The pretty light blue colour and fit give the wearer a sleek look, with slightly shortened sleeves and a short length. 

Being such a lightweight gown, this isn’t as absorbent as some of the other more spa-like options, but at just £12 it’s a steal - and a glamorous, comfortable option for draping over your clothes or pyjamas on a summer evening. 

Green Fibres: Organic cotton terry towelling bath robe

This 100 per cent cotton terry robe comes in various soft colours, with the “natural” option both undyed and unbleached.

As the robe is made of terry cloth, it’s a very absorbent option without being too bulky. It fits snugly and is relatively soft, with the length coming about three-quarters of the way down the leg for good overall coverage. 

Best of all, the material is 100 per cent organic, meaning that it’s grown and produced without toxic chemicals as well as guaranteeing that growers were given a fair wage for producing the cotton.

This makes it a great option for anyone seeking an at-home spa feeling without hurting the environment.

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