Best fridge freezers UK: great deals from Samsung, Hisense and Beko in the Black Friday 2021 sales

Best fridge freezers: Black Friday deals from Samsung, Hisense, BekoBest fridge freezers: Black Friday deals from Samsung, Hisense, Beko
Best fridge freezers: Black Friday deals from Samsung, Hisense, Beko | Best fridge freezers: Black Friday deals from Samsung, Hisense, Beko

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The good news is that as it’s Black Friday there are lots of brilliant deals to take advantage of, so you can get your ideal appliance at a fantastic price. We’ve surveyed the sales to find the best value fridge freezers on the market.

What do you want from a fridge freezer?

The first thing to consider is how you will use your fridge freezer.

Will you use them both equally, or will it be mostly your fridge that’s in use? Some appliances have a 50/50 split of both elements, but some have a 60/40 split and others have a 70/30 split.

Some also have dedicated bottle storage and wine cooling areas, while others have water dispensers - and the more expensive models now even feature LED screens.

Deciding what you want will largely decide on what budget you have to spend, of course. Prices for fridge freezers can vary from a couple of hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds.

How much space do you have?

The size of fridge freezers varies; there’s slimline options for small kitchens and American-style appliances for larger spaces.

American-style fridge freezers are a great choice for families, but the slimline style would be better suited to a person who lives alone or perhaps a couple.

If you have enough space - and a big enough budget - for any fridge freezer of your choosing, then you may next consider how many meals you cook at home, how many people you are cooking for and also how often you are going out shopping for fresh food too.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the most eagerly anticipated shopping events of the year.

It takes place on the last Friday of November every year - which this year means it takes place on November 26.

Below are eight of the best fridge freezers which are on offer right now - but make sure you get them soon to take advantage of these great prices.

For even more Black Friday deals, make sure you take a look at our dedicated Black Friday page. We’ll be publishing more articles in the coming days with even more brilliant discounted products.

We’ve also got a Black Friday live blog to keep you updated with the best deals across a range of brands and products - as they come in.


This stylish fridge freezer not only looks fantastic, but it also extremely functional.

It has space for approximately 32 bags of shopping, so this is the one for you if you have a bi family - or just enjoy hosting dinner parties for loved ones.

The fridge space is larger than the freezer space though (394l vs. 197l), so that is something to consider - but if you’re feeding lots of mouths then this will be a bonus.

It also has a plumbed water and ice dispenser so you can have a constant supply of refreshing water.

You can now save £350 in the Black Friday sale.


This fridge freezer has a great slimline design. It features a dedicated bottle storage space and also a wine shelf, so it’s the perfect choice for those who enjoy a drink at the weekend.

There’s three shelves in the fridge and also three shelves in freezer so there’s lots of space for all your groceries, plus a non plumbed in water dispenser.

The fridge space is larger than the freezer space (227l vs. 114l)

You can now save £170 in the Black Friday sale.


This is much more than a fridge freezer.

On the 21.6” LCD touchscreen you can add pictures, videos and text through the SmartThings app - and you can also keep in touch with friends and family too if you give them access to the app.

You can also use it to read the news, check the weather forecast or show a dinner recipe you’re following. You can even share a song of the day through a web link or a music player - so those kitchen discos are even more fun now. Thanks to the app and the internal camera, you can check what is in your fridge to see what you need to buy when you’re doing the food shop, so no more buying what you’ve already got.

The advance cooling technology helps to keep the food you do have fresh for longer too. There’s also a drinks centre too so you can have icy, purified water in minutes.

This fridge freezer might be more expensive, but it’s worth it because of all of the features - and you can now save £960 in the Black Friday sale.


This fridge freezer is a great budget option, but it’s got everything you could need.

It has an equal amount of fridge and freezer space so it’s perfect for busy households where leftovers often need to be saved for later.

It has an integrated water dispenser, and lots of fridge and freezer drawer space, dedicated bottle storage space and a fruit and veg drawer.

It also has frost free technology so no need to worry about having to spend hours defrosting this appliance.

This also has reversible doors so it will fit wherever you need it to be in the kitchen as the doors can be fixed to the right or left.

You can now save £30 in the Black Friday sale.


This is a great price for an American-style fridge freezer, and Beko is a name you know you can trust.

There’s lots of space for all the shopping with 344l of fridge space and 177l of freezer space, and there’s also a fast freeze compartment so you can lock in all the nutrients quickly when you return from the shop.

With an electronic touch control display on the outside, you can also control the temperature without having to open the fridge doors.

You can now save £50 in the Black Friday sale.


This fridge freezer has a 261 litre capacity, which means it can hold 14 bags of food shopping - perfect for when you want to do the weekly big shop.

Cool air circulates inside this appliance to prevent icy build-ups so you don’t need to manually defrost it. There’s a water dispenser too so you can have cool water at the push of a button.

The doors can be fixed to the right or left so it can be placed in any area of the kitchen for your convenience.

You can now save £50 in the Black Friday sale.


This sleek fridge freezer does have more space in the fridge than the freezer, but thanks to it’s 60/40 split there’s still lots of space in each so you can easily whip up a big batch of your favourite meal and freeze the leftovers for another day.

You can easily find ingredients for all your favourite meals thanks to the salad crisper drawer which lets you organise your fruit and veg.

It has a 302 litre capacity and can hold 16 bags of food shopping. The reversible doors can be installed on the left or right so it will work wherever you need it to in your kitchen.

You can now save £40 in the Black Friday sale.


This bright and bold appliance proves that while fridge freezers are an essential piece of tech for any home, they can also be the focal point of the room.

It has a modern and sleek feel about it, but the handles give a little nod to tradition.

You can move the shelves around inside the fridge to make room for taller and bulkier items so it’s perfect if you are stocking up well for Christmas or a summer party.

It has a 304 litre capacity, which is plenty big enough to store up to 16 shopping bags.

A manual defrost is needed with this fridge freezer, but it won’t need doing often.

You can now save £100 in the Black Friday sale.

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