Bike route: Look east for wide open vistas

After the last column in South Yorkshire with its associated hills, East Yorkshire offers a much flatter landscape with quiet country lanes to enjoy.

Based in Holme upon Spalding Moor, there’s a couple of sections on busier roads but generally it’s the less travelled road that’s used. Wide open vistas across the landscape appear in latter stages of the ride. A short detour into the village of Bubwith is needed for a coffee stop.

1. Park in Holme upon Spalding Moor and ride towards the mini roundabout and turn left, heading east on the A614. Stop for an early detour at All Saints Church on your right. This is a short sharp climb but rewards the cyclist’s effort with views across the village and beyond over the moor. The 13th Century church has an extensive graveyard and names of the fallen from both wars are listed on plaques in the church’s latch gate. Return to the A614 and ride for a short while to turn left towards Harswell.

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2. Bracken verges accompany you before high sloping hedges appear to edge the road. As this is East Yorkshire the landscape changes quickly as fields of outdoor pigs, snuffling around for food, take no notice of us as we ride by their styes. Through Harswell and onto Everingham. Ignore right turns as the road is now heading west to Seaton Ross. In front of you is a white sail-less windmill that catches the eye.

3. Turn right at a grass triangle along Breckstreet Lane heading to Laytham. Follow the road as it swings to the left and right and ride under electricity pylons as they march across fields to an unknown destination. Into Laytham and turn left at a T-junction heading for Foggathorpe. You’ll be revisiting Laytham and Foggathorpe further along the route.

4. Heading south ride to Foggathorpe to crossroads and go straight over into Station Road. The road bears to the right and arrives at a crossroads, turn right heading to Willitoft. Follow the road as it takes 90-degree turns to the left and right passing under pylons again. Arrive at a T-junction and turn right into the village of Highfield. If you fancy a coffee head to Bubwith where you’ll find a cafe and a shop. This diversion adds around a mile to the route.

5. Return to Highfield and turn left heading north to Aughton Common. Stay on the B1228 and follow it northeast as it bends sharply to the right. Ignore the turning for East Cottingwith. Continue along the B1228 until you see a right turn, direction Laytham, on a left-hand bend. Turn right, with care, into Main Road. The road narrows into a quiet country lane as you head south to revisit Laytham. Through Laytham and head south to Foggathorpe again. Arrive at the A163 crossroads with the Black Swan pub opposite and turn left heading to Holme upon Spalding Moor.

6. Shelter from the strong cross wind is offered by tree lined verges and progress is fairly quick back to the large village of Holme upon Spalding Moor.

Difficulty Rating: HHHHH

Easy flat roads

Distance: Approx 29 miles (with visit to Bubwith)

Parking: In Holme upon Spalding Moor

Cafe: In Bubwith and at the start/end of ride.

Public toilets: None

Download the GPX file: