Dave Craven: Super League’s new opening is perfect bookend to Grand Final

we should not be surprised by the over-reaction to Wayne Rooney’s admittedly stunning overhead kick goal which gave Manchester United victory at Old Trafford and – for a while, at least – silenced those ‘noisy neighbours’ from City.

But some sort of perspective needs to be applied for those who seem to think that if it wasn’t captured by Sky TV’s slo-mo cameras then it didn’t happen.

Those United fans old enough to have been fortunate to see Denis Law play for the Red Devils will recall that the bicycle kick, as it was then known, was a regular part of ‘The King’s’ armoury.

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Law was a goalpoacher in the same mould as his 1960s peer Jimmy Greaves, regularly tapping in rebounds within a few yards of goal, and also had a prodigious leap which allowed him to belie his relative lack of height to score no end of headed goals.

But ask most spectators of that era the sort of goal they remember Law scoring and they are almost bound to reply ‘a bicycle kick’.

He scored over both left and right shoulders, and centrally too over his head, with the sort of athletic dexterity and exquisite timing which helped Rooney prevail against City. Great goal, Wayne, but we’ve seen it all before.