Barnsley FC boss Neill Collins on key training changes and what has pleased him the most about the Reds' League One start

BARNSLEY'S players are seeing a lot more of each other these days - but you won’t catch them complaining.

One of the changes that head coach Neill Collins has implemented at Oakwell is slightly longer training hours in a number of their working weeks thus far and the club's sound start to the season is suggesting that it has been time well spent.

Collins, whose third-placed side are seeking a staggering sixth successive League One away victory at Leyton Orient this weekend, said: "The group's development and general mentality has been very good.

"Away from home, we have shown that.

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Barnsley head coach Neill Collins. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.Barnsley head coach Neill Collins. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.
Barnsley head coach Neill Collins. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.

"We have also changed the training schedule slightly. We have had less time off during the week than maybe they have had in the past and we have tried to make use of that and the players have responded really well to that in putting the work in.

"I think when we have had those weeks, we have shown it in performances. There's many aspects I have been happy with, but the mentality of the players had been really good."

Despite some mixed home form, the general synopsis is that Barnsley's opening to the campaign has been a pretty strong one, with any fears of a 'hangover' following last season's play-off heartache having thankfully been vanquished.

Given the exits of some leading players and the arrival of a new coach, not too many observers would have said with confidence that Barnsley would be in the top three by mid-autumn.

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While Collins has been pleased by events this far, he won't be making targets.

He continued: "We just look to try and win games and to try and win the next one. If we do that, we are in a good position and if we are not doing that, we are losing ground.

"But equally I have been in situations where you have one win in five and then go unbeaten in 12. I just focus on winning the next one and getting the team better in certain moments.

"We can be better defensively and when we are 1-0 down at home. If we keep doing that, wins will come and there's no targets."