Barnsley FC Supporters Trust issue important message to Reds hierarchy and fans

BARNSLEY FC Supporters Trust has issued a statement urging angry Reds fans to keep any protests respectful amid ongoing dismay at the running of the club among the majority of the Oakwell fanbase.

The Reds are propping up the Championship after a desperate campaign which has seen them win just twice in 26 league matches - with a growing disconnect apparent between the club's hierarchy and fans.

Barnsley, without a win in their past ten league matches, welcome Bournemouth on Saturday.

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Issuing a message to the club's majority shareholders, the Trust said that the loyalty of supporters 'is being severely tested' with many fearful that the future of the football club feels 'at risk'.


It pledged the need for 'open and honest communication' with the club officials due to speak with the Trust again next month.

The statement also urged emotional and disillusioned supporters - should they wish to protest - to make their feelings known in respectful and lawful way.'

A Trust statement read: "Sadly, Tuesday night’s game at Nottingham Forest brought a new low for Reds’ supporters this season. A demoralising performance at the City Ground, compounded by the lack of recruitment in the January transfer window, has left morale amongst the fan base at one of its lowest ebbs in the last 20 years.

"Whilst there is no obvious light at the end of the tunnel this season, BFCST are committed to seeking accountability and detailed explanations on what has taken our football club from being three games away from the Premier League to rock bottom of the Championship.

"As well as reasons to believe that the pain we’re suffering now will only be temporary, under a long term vision for success under the current owners.

"Ahead of this weekend’s game at Oakwell we’ve got three messages to share:

"To the ownership group; Mistakes have been made, the loyalty of supporters is being severely tested, and to many the future of our football club feels at risk.

"The process of rebuilding the relationship with supporters, some of which are sadly already beyond repair, has to start with open and honest communication. We’re encouraged that we’re close to confirming an interview or Fans Forum for February, and when that time comes we hope that the open and honest communication we seek can start at that event.

"To the players and coaching staff; all Barnsley supporters ask for right now is 100 per cent effort for the full 90 minutes. We understand and sympathise with the challenges you’re facing, but in return for your effort, commitment, and determination to win, we’ll support you throughout the 90 minutes.

"To our loyal supporters; understandably, frustration, anger and disillusionment are just some of many emotions being felt right now. If it comes to displaying these emotions on Saturday, or at any future game, we ask that this is done respectfully, lawfully, and doesn’t put the club or anyone in the ground at risk of future punishment.

"Nobody would object to your feelings being shown, but this must be done in the right way and done with the safety of everyone in mind."