Fantasy Premier League tips: how to use your second FPL wildcard – and when to use it

Fantasy football manager have another tool at their disposal to navigate the busy festive period

Have you been channelling your inner-Marcelo Bielsa this season and participating in the Fantasy Premier League? (Getty Images)

The fixtures continue to come thick and fast during the festive period, with a tricky obstacle course of blank and double gameweeks to now navigate.

The good news is that fantasy football managers who burned their first wildcard chip early on in the season can now make use of their second wildcard.

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But don’t go utilising your chip just yet, first consider if there may be stages later in the season which may be more opportune for its use.

When can I use the second wildcard chip?

The second wildcard chip was made available on December 28 when the deadline for Gameweek 16 elapsed.

Managers now have between now and Gameweek 38 to utilise their second wildcard chip.

What does a wildcard chip do?

Managers are allowed to make one free transfer every Gameweek. Every transfer made beyond this limit incurs a penalty of four points.

If injuries stack up, or if players simply aren’t up to scratch, managers may wish to perform a complete overhaul of their side.

The wildcard allows managers to make unlimited changes in one Gameweek without incurring a penalty, potentially allowing them to turn around their season.

These transfers are permanent and, unlike the free hit chip, don’t revert to your original squad after one Gameweek.

How do I use my wildcard chip?

Start by making transfers in your squad and then select “Play Wildcard” at the bottom of the app screen.

Once you have played your wildcard you are allowed to make as many transfers as you wish until the Gameweek deadline.

If you are using a desktop the “Play Wildcard” function is located above the transfer screen.

When should I use my wildcard chip?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, and it all depends on the shape of your squad.

You may feel like you’ve filled your initial squad with so-called frauds and want to pull the trigger early on, like so many already have this season.

We recommend biding your time and only using the function when absolutely necessary – if for instance your team is plagued with injuries and suspensions.

Consider utilising your wildcard ahead of the double gameweek in GW 19 which will see Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool and Leeds among other enjoy two fixtures in one Gameweek.

It’s vital that you don’t make these changes until after the Gameweek 18 window when the aforementioned teams’ schedule will be fixtureless.