Harrogate Town v Barrow: 'Bluebirds will see the video of Wednesday and think we're a soft touch,' says Simon Weaver

After a lesson he could have done without in midweek, Simon Weaver will learn a lot about his Harrogate Town players against Barrow on Saturday.

If the previous weekend's League Two win over in-form Mansfield Town was very heartening for the Sulphurites, they came back down to earth with an almighty bump in midweek, beaten 8-0 at home by an under-strength Blackburn Rovers in the League Cup.

That asked some questions of a Harrogate team which was in itself significantly changed from the weekend and Weaver will be watching those given the chance to make amends closely at Wetherby Road. His reputation will be on the line as much as theirs, he says.

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"We've got to lick our wounds and move on," he reflected. "The good thing is there's a really good outfit coming who will test our resolve.

"Pete Wild says he's got six strikers now and they've got a big squad to choose from. We've got to get competitive again. We'll have a few back in the team which will inevitably help us and there's a lot for us to be positive about at League Two level.

"Of course it's my job to get a reaction. If we don't have a reaction, that's my fault."

Asked what his side could take from such a chastening night, Weaver replied: "It's a message to us all that no one can get ahead of ourselves.

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"It's great to be in League Two but I think we all want more out of life. We don't just want to be strugglers this season and we have to react as well as we possibly can to maximise what we've all got and strive for better.

TEST Harrogate Town manager Simon WeaverTEST Harrogate Town manager Simon Weaver
TEST Harrogate Town manager Simon Weaver

"We've got go, 'Right, that really hurt – how does it not happen again? How do we beat Barrow?'

"They'll see the video of Wednesday and think we're a soft touch.

"Players were probably not used to such incisive passes inside them and delicate touches inside the box. You have to expect that against that level of opposition – you have to think quicker, move quicker and be in the right spots.

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"Blackburn gave us a good beating - we’ll see how we all react. Hopefully they can take stock and say next time we get the opportunity we have to be a bit more bright and stay in the present, recover from the disappointment, shore it up a bit and come out with a better outcome.

"We've got three clean sheets so far and we want to add to that. We'll be judged on League Two."