Hull City v Southampton: Liam Rosenior seeks an extra '10 per cent' to turn Tigers from aspirants into contenders

Hull City v SouthamptonHULL City have built a nice platform as they head into the final block of games before the last international break of 2023.

Now comes the hard bit, according to head coach Liam Rosenior.

The Tigers are handily placed and a point adrift of the top six - having lost just twice in the league so far in 2023-24.

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It represents solid consistency, but Rosenior wants more and not only on the pitch either with the ambitious City chief having undertaken a review of his side's progress in the campaign in the recent break.

Hull City head coach Liam Rosenior. Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe.Hull City head coach Liam Rosenior. Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe.
Hull City head coach Liam Rosenior. Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe.

He commented: "I looked at what we need as a team. Not just on the pitch, but how we train to be the best we can be.

"I have learnt that we are not far away from being a really good team and a consistent team in terms of wins at this level.

"It's just now the hardest bit - finding that extra 10 per cent that I think we need as a team.

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"We have got to maximise every day on the training pitch, in the meeting room and in every game we play - maximise, learn and improve.

"It's how we train, the messages we give to the players and our processes, schedule, structure, timings - everything that goes into it.

"It's analysing our training sessions, stats and a lot goes into it. But I am really happy with this group and do feel if we stay consistent and keep improving, that we can have a really good season."

Hull today face a side in their vicinity of the table in Southampton, managed by a big proponent of possession-based football in Russell Martin.

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City themselves have similar traits, but Rosenior admits they may have to tailor that approach this afternoon.

He continued: "I think the manager is a very, very good coach and understands the way he wants to play.

"Whenever I have had to prepare against his teams, it's been one of the hardest preparations because of their patterns, movement and the way they can dominate possession.

"After analysing them in depth, they are a very, very well coached team. It's a very difficult game and one we may have to win in a different way.

"We want to dominate the ball. And you look at the way that they play and we may have to suffer in moments in this game and give up possession. I am not afraid to do that."