I wish I'd never bought Leeds United says '˜tired, hurt and lonely' Cellino

MASSIMO CELLINO has reportedly claimed he is ready to leave Leeds United after growing tired of his constant battles with footballing authority and sections of the club's angry support campaigning for him to go.

United's president Massimo Cellino. Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe

Speaking to The Times, Cellino said he wishes he had never bought Leeds, and is willing to give a growing number of fans who have staged several demonstrations against him - with the protests increasing in the second half of the 2015-16 season - what they wish for by quitting Elland Road after a turbulent reign.

The Italian has made several threats to walk out of the club before, only to have second thoughts.

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Just yesterday, the Football League confirmed his reinstatement as owner following the news that Italy’s Court of Appeal had cleared him of failing to pay VAT on a Range Rover, an offence which had caused the league to disqualify him from owning the club.

Cellino had asked the FA to arbitrate, meaning that the league had been unable to impose the sanction for seven months.

But despite his reinstatement being confirmed, Cellino, who describes himself as ‘tired, hurt and lonely’ says he is now willing to sell the club if the right bidders come along and admits he is becoming worn out by the relentless strains of running the club.

He said: “It is better to walk out, not because I am dishonest, but because I am tired and hurt and lonely. Why did they (Football League) disqualify me when they knew the truth?.

“I don’t want to complain, but I am a foreigner and lost. I have no happiness any more and don’t know if I have the enthusiasm for the next season.

“If I could turn back time and you ask whether I come to this club, I would say never. But now what should I do? Cry?”

On being the subject of considerable ire from supporters, who have staged several protests calling on him to quit the club, he added: “I have never been so confused. I am nearly 60 and would have expected that from Leeds.

“If someone wants to buy the club, I will sell it. If somebody doesn’t come in, I have no choice but to run it.

“A lot of people have called me to buy the club, but they are just fishing. I don’t see the money.”