League One's most expensive squads - where Barnsley rank compared to Portsmouth, Derby County, Blackpool, Reading, Wigan Athletic and more

Gone are the days when transfer fees paid below the Premier League were relatively measly.

There is plenty of money spread out across the EFL, even if the bulk of it remains in the Championship.

Of course, not all clubs competing at steps two, three and four of the English football pyramid have war chests at their disposal.

However, there are some with sizeable budgets that are the envy of their rivals.

This is one of the reasons there are squads stacked with value across the board but it is not the only one.

Plenty of EFL clubs have cultivated reputations for their ability to develop talent, increasing the worth of their own players in the transfer market.

But which League One club has the most expensive squad in the division?

Using Transfermarkt’s estimated market values, here is a complete ranking of the most expensive squads in England’s third tier.