Erling Haaland’s move to Manchester City has ex-Leeds United star Alfe-Inge Haaland’s influence all over it - Sue Smith

Whether Erling Haaland’s move to Manchester City ultimately pays off, only time will tell, but it is an exciting move for the Premier League and it looks like another shrewd one in his career.

At the start of the season I, like a lot of people, thought Romelu Lukaku was the missing piece in Chelsea’s jigsaw, so it shows big transfers do not always work out.

Pep Guardiola’s way of playing takes time to adapt to as Jack Grealish is finding but City fans will be aware of that having seen people like Riyad Mahrez come good eventually, so maybe it is more us in the media who will have to be patient.

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But it looks like the Leeds-born striker’s career has been cleverly mapped out for him, starting at Molde, moving to Salzburg, where he played for Jesse Marsch, then Borussia Dortmund and now City.

Dortmund's Erling Haaland is joining Manchester City for next season (Picture: PA)

Haaland and his advisers clearly feel now is the right time to make the jump and maybe there will be another step, perhaps to one of the glamorous Spanish clubs, to come.

Haaland could have come to the Premier League when he left Salzburg with Manchester United keen but joining a big club too early can be a player’s undoing.

If you have a parent who has played the game as Haaland does, they know the system and can help you not just from a football perspective. They will also know when the right time is for you to move on.

Haaland’s dad is former Leeds United midfielder Alf-Inge.

Erling Haaland's dad Alf-Inge Haaland playing for Leeds United (Picture: YPN)

Hull City defender Jacob Greaves has spoken many times about the influence his dad Mark – a former Hull player – has on his game.

He will be in demand this summer and if he gets any firm offers, I am sure he will speak to his dad before his agent.

Your parents do not care about getting the best deal or being the most famous, they just want you to be happy and successful.

Sometimes mine would say things and I would completely disagree, go away, think about it and realise they were spot on. My mum still is a huge influence.

Romelu Lukaku has not quite hit it off on his return to Chelsea (Picture: PA)

Everton will always be my football club and my family’s too. Mo Marley, the manager, knew it, so the door was always open if I was interested in joining.

The closest I came was when I was at Leeds, playing for England and loving life. Leeds were close to the big prizes, Everton were winning them.

But my parents’ advice was to stay where I was.

My late dad would have absolutely loved to have seen me play for Everton but the most important thing for him was what was right for my career.

Haaland has bided his time. Others would say you need to go when you get the chance because what if you get injured or have a really bad season and your dream club does not want you? You just have to put that to one side.

But an agent who wants to look after you is so important too.

Marie Bouchier was mine throughout my playing career and remains a good friend because she always looked after my best interests, sometimes advising me to go for deals worth less money. Like my agent now I work in the media, Josh Landy, she has values, whereas a lot just go chasing the most money.

The right advice is so valuable, and Haaland seems to have it.