Judge for yourself: Is Leeds United owner Cellino showing these ‘investors’ how to evade FA rules?

Massimo Cellino in a scene from the Telegraph video.
Massimo Cellino in a scene from the Telegraph video.

LEEDS United has moubnted a strong dwefence of its opwner Massimon Cellino after a covert video appeared to show him explaining to representatives of a fictitious Far East firm how to circumvent FA and FIFA rules in order to receive a portion of players’ sell-on fees.

FA and FIFA rules ban third-party ownership of players, and third parties receiving any percentage of a player’s transfer fees.

Leeds called the allegations concerning Cellino a “non-story”. The Italian appears to suggest to members of a fictitious Far East firm that they become shareholders in the club in order to receive portions of players’ transfer fees.

But the club responded: “This is plainly not a suggestion as to how to circumvent the rules but rather an accurate, albeit concise, explanation of how to operate within the confines of the rules.”

Football authorities have braced themselves for an escalation in the game’s corruption crisis after the latest allegations, which also led to Barnsley suspending their assistant head coach Tommy Wright with immediate effect.

Following footage which led to the departure of England boss Sam Allardyce, and a report claiming 10 as-yet unnamed managers have been involved in illicit payments, the Daily Telegraph unleashed the new footage detailing on Wednesday night.