Eddie Gray: Now Rosler’s got the job let’s get behind him

Rodolph Austin.Rodolph Austin.
Rodolph Austin.
Uwe Rosler’s appointment as head coach wasn’t what I’d call a ‘surprise’ because I don’t think anybody knew what was going on anyway.

The owner does things his way and whoever was going to come in, I don’t think it can be looked upon as a surprise – just something that’s happened.

It was obvious over the last few months that Neil Redfearn wasn’t going to be in charge.

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Everybody was getting the vibes that the relationship between him and the owner seemed to have broken down a bit for whatever reason and that cannot happen at a football club.

I don’t know much about Uwe Rosler – only from his stints here in England where he has done well.

He had a good record at Brentford and he was doing quite well at Wigan so it’s a new start for the club and everybody has to get behind him. Hopefully the coach and the owner have a good relationship and they get things going because it’s an important time for the football club now and Adam Pearson in there as well as chief exec. He will help it along.

I don’t know what style Rosler will want to play though he’ll be wanting to recruit the type of players that he sees fit to help get us in the top half of the Championship.

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He says top 10 is the aim but I think he’ll soon realise that top 10 will not be good enough.

We’ve got to be up there trying to challenge for the top six and I think once Uwe gets his feet under the table and he realises the size of the club and the supporters’ demand, I think he’ll realise that you’ve got to be aiming higher. That’s a definite.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the recruitment is, what players come in and if any players are going to be leaving the club. There were reports yesterday linking us with a goalkeeper – Simon Moore at Cardiff – and I don’t know much about him. But obviously he has worked for the coach before so he knows about him.

There’s also been talk of Jermaine Beckford coming in but I think it’s very difficult for players to come back to football clubs. And Jermaine probably wouldn’t want to come back after going up with Preston – he’s doing well there and scoring vital goals for them. Also Jermaine is not getting any younger and if Jermaine’s speed is blunted then that’s a big part of his game – his pace.

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We’ll see what happens but Uwe has got experience of the game and experience of the lower leagues as well with Brentford.

And I think he will be really looking forward to the challenge – he has said that himself which was nice to hear when he realised Leeds had come calling. He admits that it could be tough but he’s willing to take that opportunity and take that chance.

In terms of how long he’ll get, that’s down to one man and that’s the owner.

Massimo Cellino is not patient with his managers and if he thinks they’re not doing a job he’ll move them on.

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I think we have got to give him the opportunity but we have got to start the season well next season because if we don’t people will get disgruntled easily because there’s no doubt about it that Neil was a favourite with the fans.

You want things to start well for the new coach, I hope they do and I think they could.

But we’ve got to be up and running in getting the players in and I still think we are going to need players in and get the squad settled before we can contemplate anything else.

I feel that Rodolph Austin going is a blow and I would have thought that if Uwe Rosler was here he’d have tried to keep him.

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One way or the other, there’s no doubt about it, there’s got to be investment.

We were found out last year and quite simply we weren’t good enough.

As far as Neil is concerned, we’ll have to wait and see what happens but he has done a good job for the club and I don’t know what he will have in mind – whether he wants to take the Academy which I think would be difficult for him because he’s tasted being in charge.

He’s got the experience now to get a decent job (at senior level) and push on and further his managerial career.

I don’t know the ins and outs of it but I believe he can still step back into his job at the Academy but that will probably not suit Neil now.