Leeds United fans to be split after steward attacked and £10,000 damage caused at Elland Road

LEEDS United chiefs say season ticket and day ticket fans are being split in one stand after a steward was assaulted and £10,000 damage caused during trouble at Elland Road earlier this month.

A minority of Leeds fans caused damage to the South Stand concourse and a steward was attacked during the club’s home tie against Hull on December 5.

It happened on the day some united supporters staged a protest against the introduction of the pie tax.

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A mandatory £5 was added to adult ticket prices in the South Stand in return for a voucher that can be redeemed at catering kiosks.

United’s safety officer Sue Watson said in a statement on the club’s website: “I have worked in this industry for 25 years and started at Elland Road 24 years ago, I am proud to be a Leeds fan as well as their safety officer.

“We have a massive following of amazing fans, which I have had the pleasure of knowing for all of those years, through many different scenarios from the highs of reaching Valencia to the lows of Galatasaray, and never experienced behaviour as we saw at the Hull game on December 5th.

“As a result of the deplorable behaviour of a small section of ‘so-called’ Leeds United fans, we have made the decision to split season ticket holders and matchday sales in the South Stand lower.

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“Until further notice areas FA4 and FA5 will now only be available to season ticket holders. All matchday sales will be in the FA1, FA2 and FA3.

“Any season ticket holders in FA1, FA2 and FA3 who wish to transfer to the season ticket only section will be assisted to do so, at no cost to them.

“Those involved in the assault of one of my stewards will be banned permanently from Elland Road.

“The damage caused in the south stand concourse not only cost the club £10,000 to repair but put the safety of others fans and staff at risk.

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“When we identify these people we will prosecute them, and they too will be banned from the ground.

“This club has a proud heritage and whose fans will not tolerate people trashing their ground and allowing safety stewards, who are here to help and assist, to be harmed.

“These steps are for the safety and comfort of loyal and true fans and we do not want people who do not put the club first in our ground.”

Head coach Steve Evans said: “Since the day I was appointed Head Coach at Leeds United I have been overwhelmed with the passion that our supporters have for this great club.

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“We must, however, channel that passion into a positive for the players who represent all of us on the pitch.

“I can only ask that all of our supporters fully respect that Elland Road is the home of Leeds United and should be treated accordingly.

“I am honoured to serve this great club and a support that makes this club great.”