TV reporter quits job to help beloved Leeds United

A Norwegian TV sports reporter has quit his job in the hope that it will help relegation-threatened Leeds United.

Part of TV reporter Magnus Sveen's sign-off report.

Magnus Sveen is a devoted United fan and claims not to have worn a shirt to a single game since 1995 for superstitious reasons..

He had forgotten his jersey when he saw Tony Yeboah’s wonder goal at Selhurst Park and decided not to wear one again.

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In his final report, which refers to the role played by superstition, Sveen explains that he began working with TV2 in 2001 when he knew the players’ names as they marched on to a Champions League semi-final.

According to him, his working at the company coincides with United’s downhill slide which took them as low as League One.

And in those 14 years, much has changed for Sveen at Elland Road.

His final news piece was a report on United’s 2-0 defeat to Derby County when he says: “I want to help Leeds United back to their former glory. This is my last news story. It has just brought them bad luck anyway. That’s the last thing Leeds need now.

He ended the report on an upbeat note for fans of the Whites, saying: “I wish you all an all-white 2015. We’re marching on together.”

Sveen told The Yorkshire Post that he asked his editor if he could do “something special” for his final story at the station before moving on.

“After 13 years in TV 2 I asked if I could do something special for my last story.

“Through the years I have made a few stories on ‘my’ Leeds United, where I’ve joked about how everything’s gone to hell since I started.

“This was the final chapter. I knew Leeds were playing Derby on my last day at TV 2. And I had a feeling we were going to lose so I asked my editor for a carte blanche, and he gave it to me. He didn’t see the story before it aired.

“After 13 years and thousands of stories, my last word as a TV 2 reporter was ‘Marching on Together’ - that meant something to me.

“I am looking forward to following Leeds as a fan again (I think), not as a reporter. Hopefully we can sort things out and survive this season.”

Sveen now has a new job. From today he is the new editor in chief at Norsk Golf, the country’s biggest golf magazine.

His decision to quit caused a small ripple of reaction on Twitter.

One fan said: “Don’t quit! Try wearing a scarf instead!”